Thursday, June 3, 2010

Commercial Radio Play

Commercial radio play is difficult for new artists to get. However, the Slykat single Hotel Cloud Nine Feat. Josh O'Connor debuted on commercial radio today thanks to R. Boogie at Wild 102.9, a commercial radio station located in Reno, Nevada. The station is owned by Citadel Broadcasting and plays a rhythmic top 40 format. Following the debut of Hotel Cloud Nine f. Josh O'Connor, listeners in Reno, Nevada voted to Download the track during the "Download it or Delete it" program for new music. Getting corporate radio stations to add new music from unsigned artists to their permanent playlist rotation is difficult, and the days of the small independent radio stations has gone the way of independent record shops.
Prior to the 1996 Telecommunications Act, no one entity owned more than 65 radio stations. Now Clear Channel owns over 1,200 stations and 75 percent of the radio station share market is controlled by stations that own 40 or more radio stations. So with those statistics in mind, its amazing when unsigned artists can get commercial radio play. Supporting unsigned artists is the only way to ensure that we don't hear the same 5 songs on the radio and that creativity isn't stifled by too much corporate input. Let your stations know that while there are some amazing songs fueled by corporations and labels, there is such a thing as too corporate and independent can be a beautiful thing. If you want to find out if you would have voted to Download Hotel Cloud Nine along with Reno listeners, check out the track and video at - .

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Music Choice

Slykat's Hotel Cloud Nine Feat. Josh O'Connor was officially added to the Music Choice Hitlist Station on cable TV (Time Warner, Cox, Charter, Comcast, Verizon FIOS, Grande Communications, Bright House Networks band other providers, but not AT&T Uverse which I have). The times are within the hour and are: Eastern Standard Time- Thu 1p, Sat 12a, sun 8a, Mon 10a, Tue 3p. Give me a shout if you hear it!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Slykat and Josh O'Connor Opening for Trey Songz

SlyKat and Josh O'Connor will be
making their FIRST EVER LIVE PERFORMANCE in SEATTLE at the Parlor opening for Trey Songz . See them
perform the hit single "Hotel Cloud Nine" at The Parlor in Bellevue June 18th at the Red Berry Ciroc Room. For tickets or booth info... contact DJ KUN LUV at 206-228-1176. It's going to be a fabulous evening. The Parlor is a great venue and the music will be off the hook !!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Industry insider Vinny Pellegrino aka "Vinny
the Sin" at is a fan of Slykat's "Hotel Cloud Nine" (feat. Josh
O'Connor). It's always good to be selected as new music to watch alongside Drake, B.O.B, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, and Beyonce. Vinny's new music selections can be seen at-

The single Hotel Cloud Nine is going out on Vinny's next industry geared compilation CD to DJs and radio stations. Even though it's easy for indie artists to sell their music on itunes and Amazon, cracking radio is the hard part. Very few independent artists are able to get the attention of radio DJ and radio stations to get the much needed radio play. It will be interesting to see if radio DJ's and station will play play an unknown that is getting the critics' attention.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The new Music Video is Fantastic!

The new music video for Slykat's single "Hotel Cloud Nine Feat. Josh O'Connor" is out. Not only is the singles destined to be a monster hit, the production quality of the video is outstanding for any video budget, but especially impressive for unsigned artists. The video directed by Brooks Kephart on the Red Camera with mysterium X upgrade with master prime lens. The music video stars artists Slykat, Josh O'Connor, Smooth and Ms. July 2005 playboy playmate Qiana Chase and was shot Bel Aire, California. The video is best viewed in 1080p-
Thankfully, videos can be watch in HD on youtube to take advantage of quality production.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Local Business Donates Valuable Billboard Space Near the Holland Tunnel in NYC to Advertise Indie Artist Slykat's New Single

Nice that some indie artists can catch a break. The goal for artists used to be to get a record deal, but those days are over. Even if you got a deal, you won't get an advance and your music might get shelved, leaving you handcuffed from performing your own music. Artists have to find new avenues like indie artists SlyKat and Josh O'Connor did below-

Local Business Donates Valuable Billboard Space Near the Holland Tunnel in NYC to Advertise Indie Artist Slykat's New Single

Miami's next hip hop superstar "Slykat" hits major billboard in NYC with new single "Hotel Cloud Nine" feat. Josh O' Connor. Courtesy of Celebrity Vision.

New York, New York (PRWEB) April 10, 2010 -- With the music industry in turmoil and few record deals being offered, independent artists have to struggle to get their music heard, but one local business is lending a hand. Independent Hip Hop/Rap Artist Slykat met Celebrity Vision VP of Marketing, Peter Sideris by chance when promoting his new single, “Hotel Cloud Nine (feat. Josh O’Connor)”. After listening to the new single, New York based Celebrity Vision decided to donate ad space to the Artists on their Highly Visible Digital Billboard to help promote the music. The Giant Billboard captures the daily attention of commuters traveling toward the Holland Tunnel and the Westside Highway, including those in Wall Street, potentially reaching 200,000 people per day. Usually, only Fortune 500 companies like BMW, Pepsi, MTV, or British Airways have the opportunity to advertise on such a Billboard, and Slykat is hoping that this kind of exposure will get his music heard.


“Everyone talks about helping independent artists out, but it's not every day that someone believes in your music enough to let you advertise on a giant billboard near the Holland Tunnel. Nowadays, Artists have lots of opportunity to sell their music on itunes and Amazon, but getting the mass exposure is still hard,” explained Slykat. The Ad can be seen on the Billboard various times throughout the day for a month at the corner of Canal and Hudson street in lower Manhattan adjacent to the Holland Tunnel entrance.

The new single “Hotel Cloud Nine (feat. Josh O’Connor)” which Slykat describes as having a Hip Hop/Pop crossover vibe is available for sale on itunes at and on Amazon at

For more information about the Artist Slykat please go to For more information about the Artist Josh O’Connor please go to

For booking please contact StraightLine Entertainment at 305-609-1997

For information on advertising on the Digital Billboard Network contact (212) 377-0236 or go to .